Accept yourself

Acceptance is one of the hardest things we can live. How often we find ourselves in situations where we do not accept what happens. We prefer to lie and ignore the great truth that we have in front of us. We try to hide it or just simply ignore it like if it never happened. We prefer to live a lie than to be honest with ourselves.

If we ignore the truth that surrounds us, just as we will ignore to accept ourselves we are going to find very hard to see ourselves in the mirror. Acceptance is the hardest step that every human being can take. It is to look at the mirror and realize  we are not perfect. We try to hide by material things, makeup, expensive clothes, expensive cars, expensive homes. We accept that we need to buy all those expensive things for someone to be accepted.

But we need to recognize that we are good people; we have a lifetime of unforgettable experiences, mistakes, and contrast from which we learn at all times and that we exist!

When you start the path of introspection, you come to accept yourself.  There are many things that we can not change and is not in our hands, control or power to do it. If we want to live happy, we need to accept that we are well physically, accept our body,our person and be happy with what we have. When we see ourselves in the mirror and say: That’s me, and that’s how I  am I! We take a big step.

Many times I think about how human beings are the perfect creation, living in a perfect world, that have built machines that help them with their  work and yet men are not allowed learn by mistake.

How long will we realize that we have a great  potential to be happy at all times if we  accept our reality?

How to know yourself

Through life I have been given the opportunity to meet different people, to have different experience in different situations, to learn different philosophies and religions.

Seeing that all religions and philosophies reach the same end, I realized that all of them are equally similar, with the same needs, ambitions and that their final achievement is happiness.

The first step in starting any path of wisdom, self-knowledge or happiness,  starts with ourselves. If we want to change the world or love,  we must begin with ourselves.

We all wish to have a partner, be loved and when our relationship is not working or ends, sometimes we wonder why? Sometimes we  know better our partners or our parents or siblings and I wonder if we  really know ourselves?

In this rapidly changing and dynamic world, where we are always running, we don’  have the time to know ourselves. Many times we pretend to be what we are not or have material things to be accepted into a social cycle.

Life teaches us that we are sometimes up and sometimes down and when we’re down that’s when we have to work with us and encourage us when we need it most.