The Adventure of Being by transformational author Kinsky


The Adventure of Being is the knowledge we have through our life experiences.

We all need to realize in a certain moment that our lives are a teacher that shows us the areas of our lives that we need to learn, improve, grow and mature. We all are spiritual beings having material experiences who came to learn and grow and one day be able to see our Source, our creator face to face. But it is up to us to be able to heal our lives, let go of all what doesn’t work in our lives and move on.

Our evolution depend in our ability to be like trees, keep growing because when we stop learning, growing and experiencing is when we start dying. The faster we can adapt to any circumstances in our lives and move on, the faster we are going to heal. This is the basic knowledge to transform our lives.

The contrast we live in our lives, all those bad experiences are the ones that make us strong and we need to embrace the contrast and learn as much as we can. Every contrast comes with a seed, the seed of learning, of us to become wiser, stronger, healthier and happier. And every contrast is a blessing in disguised. It is our choice to see the contrast as something we can learn from and become or something that will hurt us all of our lives. The decision is ours, so choose wisely.