Find the Answer Within You | The Adventure of Being| by Transformational Author Kinsky

Find the Answers Within You | The Adventure of Being by Transformational Author Kiinsky

There is always hope, there is always tomorrow

In the dark of the night and in my solitude, I heard a voice inside me.

-“Who are you?” he asked.

Not knowing the voice, I replied, “I do not know. I’m not sure. I know I live, but I don’t know the reason for my existence. I know I have only problems and stress during my days.”

-“So where’s your treasure?” the voice asked again.

I replied, “I have it in my family, my work, and my possessions.”

-“And what is the purpose of your existence?” the voice continued.

“Death,” I replied. “This death that haunts me every day reflected in this world full of evil, suffering, and pain.”

-“My son,” the voice continued. “You must not fear.

“Find your essence within.

“Find your wealth within, because that’s where you’ll find your value. Not in material things.

“And after finding it, you will know the answers of the world around you. You will know who you really are, and you will know where you’re going.

“Put your treasure where it belongs. Put your hope and your faith within, and you will know how great you are.”

As human beings, we each have a body, a soul, and a spirit. We have a finite and an infinite part, but sometimes we focus on our physical needs more than in who we really are. When we have gone through a storm, we need to quite down our mind, find something that makes you happy.  Try to find something that you are grateful for. Try to be positive and try to meditate and give the following statements or affirmations:

1. I am harmony.

2. I am peace.

3. I am happy.

4. I am happiness.

5. I am prosperity.

6. I am abundance.

7. I am love.

Whenever you feel sad or hopeless, use one of those phrases. Always use “I am” with positive atonement. “I am all the good there is.” Wish this for others and for yourself.

Control your thoughts. Speak well, think well, and act well. You’ll see that everything you do will be better every day. And remember there will always be better tomorrows.



In the Middle of the Storm | Self Help | Transformation | Hope | Hurricane Sandy

We have seen recently an incredible super storm, a hurricane call Sandy. My thoughts and prayers are for the afterhours and for all the people who lived the super storm.

But sometimes I think of all the rest of us who have to go through life and experience a Super Storm. It is when all our lives are shaken and we are moved from head to toes to think, to do, to see and perceive things differently and after this storm we are transformed, we are different.

In my life I have lived many hurricanes that had made me grow and understand life better, for many people is not “nice” or ‘safe” because life moves you and takes you from your safety place to become more.

Many of us prefer to stay where we are and see the clouds go by and see the day turn into night and the night into day, the days into months and years, and they are still the same, unmoved. Last year, I went to a self grow seminar and I learned that we are like trees, a tree grows and keeps growing, but when we cut the tree, the tree dies.

We all have lived through pain, and negative or bad experiences that in a way has “injured” us or cut us, we prefer to hold that pain instead of letting it go and keep moving forward. We prefer to blame someone instead of admitting that is our fault and we are responsible of what happen. And when years go by we are stuck in the same situation and in a way we start dying.

Nature as well as our Source play a very important part in our life, sometimes we need this tough experiences to move us in to action and to wake us up. To give thanks that we are alive, no matter in which circumstance we are, we are alive and breathing. And believe it or not, God will provide. A new day will always come and we will always have tomorrow to do things better or right.

It is painful to lose someone in a Natural disaster, or to lose your parents or a member of a family, or to lose everything, but if we are still here, it means that we still have things to do, learn and the most important task of all, we need to become. It will take time to heal and to be in our feet, but as long as you are breathing, as long as you have a new day, things will get better and we need to have FAITH and BELIEVE that everything is going to be alright.

I learned this kind of the hard way, but after having few hurricanes in my life, now I know that the best thing is to always be thankful and grateful for every single good thing that happens to you today. I lived many days and months in a very harsh situation, with 2 little boys. Alone without my family around, and “no one” to depend on, I had to see and feed, pay rent and provide for my family. For me my ex husband’s excused of I don’t have money, doesn’t exist in my vocabulary, God provides and those days where I didn’t know where the money was going to come to pay rent or to put food on my table to feed my boys, came, always came, and it still does. And every day I make sure to thank God, or my Source, for being able to provide for my family without any help of my kids’ dad. Miracles happen if you believe and have faith.

I had to learn it, it doesn’t matter how strong or dreadful is your storm, we can always get up and move forward. We can be tired or hurt and we might need a break. Take a break and rest, get your strength back and move forward because you will always have tomorrow and a brand new day to live, to hope, to wish for a better tomorrow. Nothing last forever and there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.

And when there is hope, we can still make it and you will make it! I’m sure.

In the middle of the storm or in the eye of the hurricane we need to be calm, with our feet well grounded on the floor, our head clear to think and our heart full of hope and strength to do and solve what we need to do. Ask for help, connect with your source, to God, He will always deliver and lead the way.

My thoughts and prayers go for those who lived this Hurricane. May God guide you, protect you and give you strength in what you need to solve and live. Many blessings for you and your family and may God keep you safe today and always.


Resources that helped me

In times where I needed to think or simply to get some motivation, I have always used resources that I have found in the web. Many of these are not mine, they are public and anybody can use them, I am just sharing what’s out there and what helped me get up when I was feeling knock down.

One thing you need to need to be sure, that even things look bad and the days dark, you need to keep on going and Never give up on your dreams.

Affirmations, visualizations, meditation  and simply being happy and positive Will change your life. Happiness is a  choice and every choice comes with a consequence, a positive or a negative  result. So choose wisely every time, take care of your thoughts, of your  feelings, of the things that you watch on TV, the music that you hear because  everything has a vibration and we emanate vibration. We will create positive  results if we are positive and negative when we are pessimist.

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All through my life I have found resources from best motivational speakers, transformational authors, psychologists, religious and spiritual people who helped me find my way and to discover who I was. I can tell you that the only purpose in life we have is to become who we are destined to be, to work in our passion and to provide a service to the world. That is the way to have a successful and fulfilling life.
Many years ago I discovered that all the material things come in to our life when we have done three important things:
First we need to be which led me to discover who I was, to accept, love, heal and become.
Second, we need to do, which led me to discover what I love to do, my talents. We all come to this Earth with a special talent and that talent is the one that is going to help us to bring prosperity in our lives. Sometimes that hidden talent is something that we acquire when we are sick or we discover as a result of a challenge or a disease . Sometimes it is something that has left a mark inside our soul and is such an experience that we remember all of our lives. Sometimes we need to heal but that healing if we accept it with love, will lead us to an amazing future and it will depend on how we use it when the abundance will come to us.
Third to have. After we have done all of our work, we will have the material things we desire. But it is very important how we use our minds, our feelings, and specially our thoughts to magnetize what we want and the abundance will come to us.

Where do we get our own Life Tools?

We are all individuals with a different background and a unique purpose in life, for that reason, we all need to look for our own Life Tools. It is very important to always choose what resonates with us.
Maybe for you is better to do a breathing excercise in the morning, or a meditation, or just to pray. It is very imortant always to be present, to work with our minds and to calm our mind. When we are able to hear and feel the silence in our minds we will be able to contant and persive the peace inside of us. It requires a lot of effort and practice but it can be done.
When I have a busy day the only thing that can put me in a “state” of peace and harmony is just to look at Nature. It helps me to be happy and realize that I am surrounded by beauty, the birds flying in the sky, the wonderful skies with puffy clouds, the amazing blue or the incredible sunsets that I am able to see where I live, just makes me very happy and grateful to be alive.
And that is the second most easiest way of Life Tool you can ever have. Being grateful, it helps you to see what you have and focus more in the now.
The third most easiest Life Tool you can ever have is being positive, stay focus on the positive situations that happen to you today. Have you wonder what different your world might be if you were’t there? We are where we need to be and there is always a purpose behind everything that happens to us. It can be a positive experience or a negative experience, but it is always a lesson we need to go through to grow, learn and become who we need to be.
People and circumstances always come to our live for a reason. My mum used to tell me while I was growing up, ” The tree leaves do not move without the will of God” And it’s true. Life is a learning process where we experience beauty as well as its contrast and is through the contrast where we grow the must. We need to remember that there is always a tomorrow and another day and i can assure it’s going to be a better day. It is always like the peace after the storm, nothing is forever and you will be able to move on.
Seing the world with positivism helps you always to see the glass half full and to count your blessings no matter what, and if your life is not what you want, you can always take the necessary steps to create a better tomorrow.

Life Tools

I started this path of knowing, understand, heal and love myself more than 20 years ago. I was never alone and I know I am not alone because many great and enlighten people have shown me the way.
After my divorce, I knew I needed to heal and to forgive, I was persistent and I never give up on me. I did and I used techniques to heal myself and to think different.

I knew if I wanted my life to be different I had to do things differently, vibrate differently. Thanks to the Adventure of Being that I received before my marriage, I knew that I was able to rebuild my life and start all over again with my boys. My connection with God, my Source helped me overcome many things that were very hard and focus in my dream of starting a new life in another place where I was able to live in peace with my family.

I fought for many  months and did meditations, did affirmations, listen to Abraham Hicks, did visualizations, did my vision board, pray, did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I got the results that I wanted. I was able to move to another state with my boys to start a new life with them. Now after 4 years of my divorce I can tell you that when we use all of our energy and create momentum and focus on our dreams we are able to see them manifest and live the life we always dream.

I am listed some of the “Life Tools” I’ve used to help me keep moving forward. I hope they can help you and I would love to hear from you.

With Love and Light