LOVE is Always the Answer

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Once again we were remained about how fragile our lives are and how we can lose someone we love with a blink of an eye. And our instinct, our first emotion is to deal fear.
When we place ourselves in that place full of it

, we become weak, insecure and we let open the door to all negative emotions, and believe it or not, they can destroy our individual world.
We all are creators of our own realities, of our own lives, our own dreams and purpose and being happy depend on the realization of all of them.
These times are times to show off our courage, our love, and our happiness. We all need to feel that Love create us, and yes, it is painful what happened but sometimes we need to get up, take off the dirt and move on.
Because whatever your religion or your faith you need to feel that we all are safe and build positive, caring and loving thoughts around us as well as those who got harmed in Boston.
And when you feel sad, or have fear, know that you are safe always, no matter what. We are safe and there is a world and a human brotherhood who supports you, because even in this situation good people came to rescue.
And it all depends on how you see your life, half empty or half full. The decision is yours.

Love Kinsky

Positive attitude in life always works

It’s being a while, time goes so fast. Our life obligations keep us so busy that sometimes we forget to have fun, to really breath, and enjoy the honey of life.

In these past months life is being teaching me so much! It’s hard to be a single mum with special need kids. For some people having these amazing kids can be a quite challenge, and yes, they are at times, but they are my teachers everyday.

My Asperguer’s Syndrome boy teaches me a lot, and at the end I have a “I love you mum”, it makes my day. My ADHD boy is quite amazing, too. As I called them, “the hurricane and the tornado”. There’s something new going on in my life.

And sometimes when you have a storm in your day, or your life and your life is quite challenging, you need to breathe, count to thousand and calm down. We always have a new day that will be better, A new day to finish the project, a new opportunity. And you need to remind yourself that nothing is forever!

“Always look for your favorite things and never complain about anything. Look for the thing that you like the best,
even if there was only one thing in all of it that you like,
give in your divine attention and use it as your excuse to be who-you-are.

And as you use those things that shine bright and make you feel good
as you excuse to give your attention and be who-you-are,
you will tune to who-you-are
and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes.”

Abraham Hicks563672_546248568760485_763541298_n