Life is like a highway | A highway to success

I remember when I had the opportunity to be on the road, sometimes for pleasure, adventure, while attending university or commute to work. I learned a lot just by looking at the road and to see how others drive and the reactions they have.
Life is like a highway or street where you see a lot of signs but in life those signs are people, experiences determined by our choices. Recently I had to make some choices and go back to the work force. I had the opportunity  to choose and let my intuition guide me , I got a temp job for the summer and one that can give the experiences I need for my next career step. I have learned a lot, more than I think of. About me, about life and about people.

I remember few weeks back when I had a bad experience at work, sometimes we face challenges or people trying to put us down, or a mean boss or jealous coworker or boss that they believe they are better and they deserve everything. I didn’t quit back then, I just accepted the challenge, you see, sometimes these people come like blessings in disguise and when we finish learning what we need to learn, a new door will open, a new opportunity will come your way and that’s what happened to me.

You just need to keep your eyes, mind and heart open and let your inner self, your intuition guide you to the next step. I know that sometimes we fear the unknown, we think the worst, or we are so attached to the job we have even though we feel is killing us inside because we think and believe that’s the only job or choice we can have. You know, when you feel this way, it’s your time to let go and take a walk through nature, see the sky, meditate, get your mind out of it. When you have your mind clear,  you will be surprised that there are so many things you can do as a job, you just need to find your gift, your talent. Don’t quit on your dream and believe in yourself because good things always happen. You might be driving though a storm, learn to appreciate it and see the beauty of cloudy days, the rain falling, or the sand storm, there’s beauty in all. And when you mentally  let go,  you will see the doors of a new opportunity open, you just need to believe.

Next time you are on the road or commute to work, see how you drive, what reactions you have with other cars, are you letting everybody pass you? Are you driving like if you were alone on the road, are you scared while driving? Do you feel joy when you face the other cars and pass them?

Our life is a reflection of us, pay attention if you are getting sick a lot just by going to work, or if many things around your home are breaking down, or not working, like your car, or the air conditioning, or your car battery, or your relationship, it’s time for you to sit and think what are you doing wrong. Nobody will have the answer, just you and you need to think , choose and decide wisely. And if you make a mistake, don’t worry, mistakes are lessons we all need to learn and there’s always a second time to do it better. Don’t forget to use the magic word, Sorry, you don’t have any idea how much weight is lifted when you ask for forgiveness and don’t forget to forgive because that is the way we heal ourselves.

Life is just an extraordinary adventure that takes us through ups and downs, through happy moments or sad moments, nothing is forever and life has many lessons for us to learn. Life is our journey to find ourselves, if we let our intuition guide us. Just open your eyes while you drive through life and choose the right highway to happiness and success because it will be waiting for you.

To your success,