Life is a roller coaster | Choose Happiness Always!

Today I was chatting to a dear friend and we were talking about that this year everywhere you see, people are having some challenges. They can be economic, family or personal , but everybody has something going on.

As I recall last year 2012 was an end of a cycle and this year is a beginning of a new one, who knew that we all have to create,our own world our own reality and be responsible for our own actions, face our fears, and reborn from the ashes.

My life is a Great teacher, I have learned to be open and to listen. It’s hard to be a single mom and see that everybody has their own problems and issues, I have mine and sometimes are plenty, but I don’t like to live my life just focusing on my challenges, but on all the amazing opportunities life gives me, in all the lessons that I have from life, in all the incredible things that people teach me.
And in all the surprises that I have in life just by letting go and forgiveness.

I never knew that I would be friends again with the guy that abuse me in to expansion and thanks to him I am the person who I am today. After all he is the father of my boys. It took me 5 years to heal and forgive him and for sake of my boys we are friends. And is nice to see how he is trying to be a good dad for them.

You see, life can present us with something so huge that we might think we are not able to handle, but sometimes life brings us a huge lesson or a blessing in disguise. Or sometimes life asks us to get out of our comfort zone and try something new, like a change of careers, a new stage in our life or a new relationship.

What I have learned is that whatever that is that life brings, a heart full of hope, faith and detachment is the best medicine there is. It’s a tricky balance to let go of any results you want or what you want to manifest or to bring about and to know that you will received it.

I am still learning to balance in life, to bring about prosperity, abundance and happiness to my family and these same things I wish for you.

Life is an adventure with ups and downs, turns and twists, where time goes so fast that when you realize is one more day, week and year, and the only gift we have is the present, the NOW, where we all need to feel the joy and happiness of being alive and the peace that everything will be alright.

And when rough times come knocking at your door, stay calm, breath and imagine this whole magnificent world supporting you, because that is how it is. We create our own reality and we better create something to be proud of, something to be happy about that will help us to cherish moments with our family, kids and the world.

Just remind yourself that you are in charge of how you feel today and that today and always you will choose happiness.


LOVE is Always the Answer

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Once again we were remained about how fragile our lives are and how we can lose someone we love with a blink of an eye. And our instinct, our first emotion is to deal fear.
When we place ourselves in that place full of it

, we become weak, insecure and we let open the door to all negative emotions, and believe it or not, they can destroy our individual world.
We all are creators of our own realities, of our own lives, our own dreams and purpose and being happy depend on the realization of all of them.
These times are times to show off our courage, our love, and our happiness. We all need to feel that Love create us, and yes, it is painful what happened but sometimes we need to get up, take off the dirt and move on.
Because whatever your religion or your faith you need to feel that we all are safe and build positive, caring and loving thoughts around us as well as those who got harmed in Boston.
And when you feel sad, or have fear, know that you are safe always, no matter what. We are safe and there is a world and a human brotherhood who supports you, because even in this situation good people came to rescue.
And it all depends on how you see your life, half empty or half full. The decision is yours.

Love Kinsky

Appreciation | Gratitude | Abundance

Have you ever thought about how many times we don’t appreciate what we have? Have you ever wonder when was the last time you felt gratitude towards someone or something or just by being alive? Have you ever asked why Abundance hasn’t come in your life?

Well, appreciation and gratitude are very important for the abundance to come to our life. We need to be thankful and find our peace and love for the people and circumstances we are living, no matter how hard they are because they have the key for abundance and happiness to come to us.

We can create a better world just by simply telling someone how special they are or the impact they have made in our lives. Many times we don’t tell our family how much we love them. We are not eternal and we might not have a second chance to tell them how important they are in our lives.

Enjoy the video





All through my life I have found resources from best motivational speakers, transformational authors, psychologists, religious and spiritual people who helped me find my way and to discover who I was. I can tell you that the only purpose in life we have is to become who we are destined to be, to work in our passion and to provide a service to the world. That is the way to have a successful and fulfilling life.
Many years ago I discovered that all the material things come in to our life when we have done three important things:
First we need to be which led me to discover who I was, to accept, love, heal and become.
Second, we need to do, which led me to discover what I love to do, my talents. We all come to this Earth with a special talent and that talent is the one that is going to help us to bring prosperity in our lives. Sometimes that hidden talent is something that we acquire when we are sick or we discover as a result of a challenge or a disease . Sometimes it is something that has left a mark inside our soul and is such an experience that we remember all of our lives. Sometimes we need to heal but that healing if we accept it with love, will lead us to an amazing future and it will depend on how we use it when the abundance will come to us.
Third to have. After we have done all of our work, we will have the material things we desire. But it is very important how we use our minds, our feelings, and specially our thoughts to magnetize what we want and the abundance will come to us.