LOVE is Always the Answer

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Once again we were remained about how fragile our lives are and how we can lose someone we love with a blink of an eye. And our instinct, our first emotion is to deal fear.
When we place ourselves in that place full of it

, we become weak, insecure and we let open the door to all negative emotions, and believe it or not, they can destroy our individual world.
We all are creators of our own realities, of our own lives, our own dreams and purpose and being happy depend on the realization of all of them.
These times are times to show off our courage, our love, and our happiness. We all need to feel that Love create us, and yes, it is painful what happened but sometimes we need to get up, take off the dirt and move on.
Because whatever your religion or your faith you need to feel that we all are safe and build positive, caring and loving thoughts around us as well as those who got harmed in Boston.
And when you feel sad, or have fear, know that you are safe always, no matter what. We are safe and there is a world and a human brotherhood who supports you, because even in this situation good people came to rescue.
And it all depends on how you see your life, half empty or half full. The decision is yours.

Love Kinsky

New Year | New Hopes | New You

Do what makes you happy

Do What makes you happy

2012 went by like a flash and now a brand new year is here. Many people wondered if we were going to be alive, but we all are with new hope and dreams.

A new year always comes with hopes, dreams and with many resolutions that over time we forget why we made them. Some of them we will keep and some we will break in one or 2 days, but it’s just human nature and we all keep going with our lives.

Many of us will encounter challenges that will test our faith in our dreams and many of us will just stop fighting for them, quit and then we will get a new one.

What many of us really don’t get is that those challenges are the ones that make us better people, problems are opportunities and they will always come with their solution by the hand. We are the ones who need to learn how to calm ourselves in the middle of the storm and find the solutions. Duality makes us strong and the storm we face will be followed by a brand new shiny day.

Quitting is a choice but sometimes if we stick to our dream long enough and continue fighting for it even if we fail thousand times, we will succeed. Nothing is forever, nor the storm, nor the challenges and we need to stay with the feet well put on the ground and our head in the heavens. We need to stay balance, focus in our dream, always.

Find something that makes you happy, really happy and you can spend hours doing it, that is your passion. Work should be done by people passionate on what they do so they can spend hours working and enjoying themselves doing.

I have seen so many people unhappy to go to work and they just work by earning enough money because of their needs or family needs and they spend eternal time on the job. Many hate their jobs and people where they work.

Find the pleasure of working on what you love. That needs to be something that children need to be taught.

We all have to work and provide a service that will bring income so we can provide for our family but this service needs to be what we are good at and what we love to do. Not just like many parents teach their kids to follow their steps or to find a career where they can earn a lot of money.Money will come always after your work on  what you love.

For this we need courage to follow our dreams and be sure of what we want, it might seem we are swimming against the current, or climbing a very high mountain, or we feel we have fail thousand times. Emerson fail more than thousand times and he didn’t give up. And if he did it, so are we. We can do it.

In this year, keep your hopes high with a strong faith that you will be able to succeed in this wonderful brand new year.

Love and Light


Where do we get our own Life Tools?

We are all individuals with a different background and a unique purpose in life, for that reason, we all need to look for our own Life Tools. It is very important to always choose what resonates with us.
Maybe for you is better to do a breathing excercise in the morning, or a meditation, or just to pray. It is very imortant always to be present, to work with our minds and to calm our mind. When we are able to hear and feel the silence in our minds we will be able to contant and persive the peace inside of us. It requires a lot of effort and practice but it can be done.
When I have a busy day the only thing that can put me in a “state” of peace and harmony is just to look at Nature. It helps me to be happy and realize that I am surrounded by beauty, the birds flying in the sky, the wonderful skies with puffy clouds, the amazing blue or the incredible sunsets that I am able to see where I live, just makes me very happy and grateful to be alive.
And that is the second most easiest way of Life Tool you can ever have. Being grateful, it helps you to see what you have and focus more in the now.
The third most easiest Life Tool you can ever have is being positive, stay focus on the positive situations that happen to you today. Have you wonder what different your world might be if you were’t there? We are where we need to be and there is always a purpose behind everything that happens to us. It can be a positive experience or a negative experience, but it is always a lesson we need to go through to grow, learn and become who we need to be.
People and circumstances always come to our live for a reason. My mum used to tell me while I was growing up, ” The tree leaves do not move without the will of God” And it’s true. Life is a learning process where we experience beauty as well as its contrast and is through the contrast where we grow the must. We need to remember that there is always a tomorrow and another day and i can assure it’s going to be a better day. It is always like the peace after the storm, nothing is forever and you will be able to move on.
Seing the world with positivism helps you always to see the glass half full and to count your blessings no matter what, and if your life is not what you want, you can always take the necessary steps to create a better tomorrow.

Life Tools

I started this path of knowing, understand, heal and love myself more than 20 years ago. I was never alone and I know I am not alone because many great and enlighten people have shown me the way.
After my divorce, I knew I needed to heal and to forgive, I was persistent and I never give up on me. I did and I used techniques to heal myself and to think different.

I knew if I wanted my life to be different I had to do things differently, vibrate differently. Thanks to the Adventure of Being that I received before my marriage, I knew that I was able to rebuild my life and start all over again with my boys. My connection with God, my Source helped me overcome many things that were very hard and focus in my dream of starting a new life in another place where I was able to live in peace with my family.

I fought for many  months and did meditations, did affirmations, listen to Abraham Hicks, did visualizations, did my vision board, pray, did EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and I got the results that I wanted. I was able to move to another state with my boys to start a new life with them. Now after 4 years of my divorce I can tell you that when we use all of our energy and create momentum and focus on our dreams we are able to see them manifest and live the life we always dream.

I am listed some of the “Life Tools” I’ve used to help me keep moving forward. I hope they can help you and I would love to hear from you.

With Love and Light