The Adventure of Being – the book

bokMy Passion for Personal Growth and Spiritual

Development comes since I was a child and after a very difficult experience I started to have so many questions about life, about everything that was around me, about why there are so many differences between people, about happiness, about God, about the Universe.

I realized through my life that the problems are only challenges or opportunities to make us learn and that every problem comes with its solution, it’s a blessing in disguise and it depends a lot on how we live or take that experience.

We can choose to be happy or to be sad and it’s our responsibility as well as our decision. We are the architects of our destiny and it will depend on us to materialize what we want in life.

I learned that life is really an adventure with ups and downs, turns and twists; we might not know how it’s going to end. We might fall and be hurt, but it depend on us how fast we can get up, forgive and release the bad experience because we have to continue with our joyous journey in life.

My current Brochure The Adventure of Being press release


International author is pleased to announce the release of the English version of her personal transformation,self-help title, The Adventure of Being.

In this new work, the author shares her views and beliefs that “Life is a reflection of what we
were, what we are, and what we can be..” She believes that personal transformation is possible
and is necessary for everyone to reach their full potential.
Monica (Kinsky) says, “The way we live, that is, our lifestyle depends on our thoughts, which we
materialize at all times. Sometimes when we ignore that our thoughts are real, it creates problems
because the thoughts attract and manifest what we don’t want to want.
She continues, “Life is an adventure in which every moment we have to solve many things and decide
whether we want to make them well or not. I hope this book will help you to know yourself and to
know your worthiness, because you have a gold mine inside of you!” The Adventure of Being is
available in both print and eBook format.

Recent Praise: “The truths of life, simply stated, in ways that everyone can understand” – Joseph
CEO & President at Malchitsedek Productions, Florida
Contact Monica (Kinsky) at:

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